It's always entertaining to go to a circus and watch tigers and lions perform with their trainer, but suffice to say it is accident-prone. Recently, a tiger leapt at a trainer in a performance at Spain's Gottani Circus on Friday. The tiger mauled the 35-year-old tamer, who has since been identified to be Denny Gottani, and kept attacking him until another employee of the circus intervened in the attack. Fortunately, Gottani was seen walking away from the attack. But that's not to say he walked away unscathed, as he was taken to a local hospital for injuries and wounds to his head, back and legs. The Madrid Health Services has revealed that Gottani did not suffer from vital organs, but the veteran tiger tamer is still being held at the hospital to see if he will suffer from an infection.

Tragically, Gottani's mother was also present at the performance and watching her son get mauled by a tiger was a traumatic experience. On-site medical personnel had to treat her for an anxiety attack, rightfully so. According to Spain's The Local, Gottani has been working with tigers since he was 18 and never used whips when he performed with animals. Witnesses at the performance told El Mundo that the tiger, who was one of four in the performance, stopped taking directions from Gottani prior to attacking the trainer.

Maulings from tigers is not uncommon, as earlier this year, a trainer in Mexico died after a tiger attacked him during a circus performance. Alexander Crispín, 35, was circling two tigers in an act for  Circo Suárez in Sonora, Mexico when one of the tigers lunged at him. According to Notimex, a Mexican news wire agency, the trainer suffered from neck injuries, as the animal clawed and bit him, and was taken to a local hospital. Unlike Gottani, Crispín passed away from blood loss.

Image courtesy of Sergey Petrov via Shutterstock