New Grimace Shake
New Grimace Shake Tik Tok

Last week, McDonald's announced that it would be releasing a new, limited time shake in honor of the fictional character Grimace's 52nd birthday.

The new shake came out today, June 12.

The "Grimace Birthday Meal" comes with a choice of a Big Mac or a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, fries and the new limited time shake, which is known to be purple.

How does the purple shake taste?

After McDonald's announced the new shake, many McLovers showed a bit of confusion on what the shake ACTUALLY tastes like.

Reviews noted that the drink had a strong berry flavor. I mean, the shake being purple was very much expected to taste "berry."

News of the shake was immediately brought to the attention of TikTok, where all users were confused.

In a video, TikTok user and McDonald's employee Jason Garcia (@jasongarcii) shows the shake being poured with whipped cream on top. YUMMY!

The comment section did not hold back.

"what does a grimace taste like"

"they milked grimace for that"

"Y'all see how he doesn't show the top of the machine, that's cause Grimace is there doing his thing"

"you blended up grimace!!!!! 😭😭😭😭"


One user even compared the shake to the 2003 film The Cat In The Hat. GROSS!


Although the shake looks a bit different, what is the difference between other shake places that provide the same color? I think it looks great and super excited to try it!

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