Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s divorce has been in the process since October 2018, but they haven’t evaded the limelight yet. Rumors have been sporadically popping up about the two for a variety of reasons — be it about getting back together or about the nature of their break-up or even about the people surrounding them. 

However, no matter the passage of time, there is one topic that rumors have kept circling back to almost every year: money. For the past five years, rumors have circled about Affleck and Garner having a fight over the actor’s wealth or the non-existence of it. Here are four instances wherein money had allegedly become a source of issue for Affleck and Garner.

Garner Takes Everything (June 2015)

At the start of the Bennifer’s marital issues, money had already been presented as a wealthy rumor pot after it had been reported that the “Alias” actress will stand to gain millions in her divorce with Affleck. Reports had alleged that the couple had not signed a prenup when they got married and Garner knew “where [the money] is invested.” The report even claimed that Garner would take the $150 million fortune that the couple had amassed over their time together as a reward for taking care of the children. 

“She thinks she should be rewarded for [raising their children],” a source revealed. “She tended to the kids while he went off filming and partying. She’ll do anything for those kids, even if it includes fighting mercilessly for Ben’s money and their family’s house.”

Affleck Fakes Settlement With Garner To Save Money (June 2016)

A report in 2016 was released alleging that Affleck was simply faking his wish to patch his relationship with Garner in order not to lose the divorce money. The article claimed that Affleck “could not afford” to divorce and needed to fix his relationship with Garner to save face.

“Now that Jen’s deal is on the table, he’s beginning to realize she’s going to leave him flat broke and there’s nothing he can do about it,” a source claimed.

Affleck Sells Assets To Pay Garner (June 2018)

The rumors placed Affleck on a selling spree — selling his real estate investments in order to be able to pay Garner after the divorce is finalized. “He needs the cash, which will go to Jen as part of the settlement,” claimed the report. “He’s compensating her for his infidelities and the damage caused in the marriage.”

Affleck Begs Garner For Money (May 2019)

Recently, the rumors escalate alleging that the “Paycheck” actor keeps begging his ex-wife for money. The two were allegedly “caught fighting over finances,” with Garner frustrated over Affleck’s need for “handouts.” The source of the rumor even claimed that the actress would not give him money because she’s “afraid” that he would just relapse into alcohol addiction.

Of course all the rumors are simply untrue. Affleck’s representative has assured that money is no issue between the divorced couple, and the actor is definitely not “begging” his ex-wife for cash.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner attend the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter in West Hollywood, California, March 2, 2014. Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images