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Trying some new hair trends for 2023 should not be left out if you're planning a new look for the coming new year. As you wait out the end of the “brrrr” months to get your hair Spring season-ready, you can keep your beanies and hoodies over your head for now and try out these hairstyle trends and products for your locks.

Hair styling and hair care demand a bit of investment. You will need a list of things such as hair prep products to allow for shorter exposure to heated hair styling tools. Hair styling products come in different forms, that suit your preferred lock style and texture such as hair sprays, hair mousse, hair wax and gels. Get to know your unique hair texture and your facial shape so you can decide which hairstyles, products and tools work best for your lifestyle

This season, runways have seen a comeback of old 90s favorites. Expect to see a lot of hair accessories and hairstyles embraced by all hair colors and textures Here is the list of the best Spring hair trends that were big in 2022, and if you haven't checked them yet, we've managed to list down a few. You’re sure to find a treasure trove of ideas you can use for every occasion or carry that understated hair glam even if you’re just out to make a quick grocery run. Take a look at our top 6 picks for hair trends and hairstyling products.

Natural textures

Living in this fast-paced generation has led to the rebirth of natural beauty where women need not be fazed by not looking all dolled up each time they step out of the house. The emphasis for this hairstyle trend echoes on less-is-more and retaining the hair’s natural features. Whether you were born with frizzies, waves or coils, wear them proudly and flaunt your imperfections.

Shu Uemura Wata Wave Texturizing Spray

While natural texture is all the rave for 2023, this hair product could be your new best friend. Every hair type can beautifully benefit from this texture spray. Acquire that freshly washed hair look and feel even after the fourth day of skipping hair wash day. This bottled genius formula absorbs oil without leaving that crunchy hair feeling on your locks but retains boosted volume.

Braided and face-framing tendrils

Braids have been forecasted to be all-the-rave. From tendrils to updos and tails -- it's time to level up your basic braiding skills. Show off some fancy braided tails wrapped in elastic string, or braided updos and bouffants as well as dramatic low and long hanging braided ponytails topped with a bow.

Monochrome clips, crystal/ pearl/metal barrets and floral accessories

If may want to let your hair down and embrace some colorful accent pieces. Runway hair is geared towards floral accents on sleek buns and low messy buns embellished with pearl or crystal barrettes or bobby pins. Monochrome-colored clips have also made a comeback on sleek middle-parted straight hair.

Garnier sleekshot in-shower styler

Cut down on hair blow-drying time by adding this genius product to your favorite shampoo. It helps cut down the need to flat iron your hair and keeps it smooth. Enjoy its fizz-fighting abilities while saving you from all the early morning hustle of hairstyling.

T3 SinglePass Curl Professional ceramic curling iron

Although this product may be a bit on the pricey side, this could be worth the dollar for its excellent curling quality. If you’re always on a time crunch, this one-pass curling iron is all you need to get that seamless volume. Its ceramic curling rod heats up super fast and glides like a dream even on dry, coarse hair sans the tugging and snagging. You get smooth and pretty curls all the time. It’s a tiny yet power-packed hair tool that comes with a velcro tape attached to the cord so you can easily fold up the cord when not in use.

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