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Top Gear Season 20 Top Gear

Bad news. Oh no! Dacia Sandero will not be sold in North America. More bad news. What is it? "Top Gear" won't return until 2014. Earlier this week, Jeremy Clarkson revealed on twitter that Top Gear Season 21 will air on January 23, 2014! Although that is relatively soon, less than two months, we're having a real hard time containing our excitement.

According to Motorward, the next season will feature many awesome cars including the McLaren P1 as well as the seventh-generation of the iconic Volkswagen GTI hot hatch. What's more, "Top Gear" will also visit Australia to do an episode involving the mighty V8 supercars at Bathurst. The team will also have a go at the National MicroCar Rally, a Top Gear trip to Southeast Asia, and a challenge involving a pair of Corvettes and an Alfa Romeo 8C and Touring Superleggera Disco Volante.

Strangely, January 23 falls on a Thursday when "Top Gear" has traditionally aired every Sunday. Is Jeremy Clarkson pulling a fast one on us? Stay tuned as we find out more!