"Walking Dead" fans have been waiting for nearly seven months for their favorite show to finally return to AMC on Sunday. However, this is nothing compared to how long "Top Gear" fans have been waiting for their show to return. The last episode of "Top Gear" Season 21 ended on March 16. However, BBC has yet to confirm the release date of "Top Gear" Season 22.

As many "Top Gear" fans will know, the three presenters have been very busy in Argentina lately filming a Christmas Special. While filming in South America, the crew conducted a challenge that will take them across the country's Route 40, also known as the scenic Patagonian Highway. As per usual, the presenters each chose a sports car for the occasion. In particular, one of the presenter's Porsche 928 featured an "H982 FKL" number plate, which is apparently a nasty reference to the Falklands War. The stars and crew of the show had to leave South America amid angry protests.

According to "Top Gear" producer Andy Wilman, the H982 FKL plate had not been deliberately chosen and it was "most definitely" not a stunt. What's more, the show's cars had to be abandoned by the roadside and the crew escorted to the airport after being pelted with stones. While "Top Gear" BBC's drama in Argentina definitely made international headlines, that was barely scratching the surface of what's in store for "Top Gear" Season 22.

Top Gear" tipsters at TopGearBox have compiled a number of juicy photos taken during Top Gear filming for Season 22. Beyond moments captured in Argentina, TopGearBox also shared photos of Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond on a classic Riva speedboat in Venice. Apparently, the crew will be shooting a Siena to Rome challenge featuring Jeremy and Richard. Jeremy will be driving an Alfa Romeo 4C and Richard will pilot a C7 Stingray.

Other super car tests to look forward to this season includes an obligatory McLaren P1 Vs. Porsche 918 Spyder and possibly a LaFerrari special. Don't hold your breath on the Ferrari though, as the sports car company is very particular about offering its halo car to anyone, even a show like "Top Gear." Jeremy Clarkson was also seen testing a BMW i8. Additionally, Clarkson was also seen in a red C7 Corvette Stingray convertible.

  Top Gear McLaren P1 Porsche 918 LaFerrari Special Jeremy Clarkson confirms McLaren P1 Vs. Porsche 918 Spyder will be a special on Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkson

Another hilarious "Top Gear" Season 22 episodes to look forward to involves a homemade ambulance challenge. A Porsche 944 with gulf livery is seen with a number of curious modifications that will supposedly make it into a suitable ambulance vehicle. Another ambulance is Jeremy Clarkson's beloved P45 micro-car. The final ambulance is a Chevy van with a side panel that reads "Nuclear Waste Disposal."

Last but certainly not least, what has the Stig been up to? New photos of the Stig taking the public transit in St. Petersburg, Russia. This has got to be the most uncomfortable we've ever seen the Stig, although we can't be certain if the Stig even knows what discomfort means. Apparently, "Top Gear" Season 22 will feature a race between a car, a bicycle, a boat, and public transportation at the beautiful Russian City.  

However, that isn't nearly the most outrageous thing that "Top Gear" has planned for the latest season. According to TopGearBox, Richard Hammond apparently strapped himself to the top of a bi-plane. Oh Christ, how could that ever end well?

Although we cannot confirm when is the exact "Top Gear" Season 22 air date, Jeremy Clarkson did drop a date on Twitter: it will probably air in January and there will probably be 13 episodes. Is Clarkson telling the truth or is he throwing us a curve ball? Stay tuned as we learn more in the months ahead! CLICK HERE to see all the leaked photos of "Top Gear" Series 22 production.