Top Gear BBC has only been on a break since March but it feels so much longer! Unfortunately, the Top Gear Season 22 release date isn't until later this year. That said, the Top Gear crew, and the Stig in particular, have been keeping themselves plenty busy with some pretty wild shenanigans.

Some say he is illegal in 17 U.S. states, and he never blinks. As outrageous as Jeremy Clarkson's Stig facts may sound, the latest video is strong evidence that at least the two we mentioned are true. Back in June, the Stig broke and entered the Lotus F1 facility to have a reckless joyride in their F1 car. Before leaving the Lotus F1 HQ from a side door, the Stig turned back to hack one of the Lotus F1 computers to redirect the F1 car to Durban, South Africa, where Top Gear is conveniently hosting a big Top Gear Festival. Did you ever wonder how the story would end?

The Lotus F1 car eventually arrived to the Durban Top Gear Festival, where it was joined by the likes of a motocross bike, a dirt buggy with a full roll-cage, and a shiny Mustang with an enormous wing at the rear. Being the super-BAMF that he is, the Stig helps himself to a superman trick on the dirt bike, a somersault off a ramp on the bugger, and a full hairpin drift in the wild-looking Mustang. Finally, to top it all off, the Stig returns to the Lotus F1 car and does the unthinkable.

The Stig finds himself inside the Lotus, which itself is tethered on a cable suspended 300 feet in the air. No big deal. The Stig randomly pulls out a scissor and snips the cord, sending the Lotus into an insane bungee jump straight into the floor of the arena. Enough talking- be sure to watch the video below because you have to see it to believe it!