Artificial intelligence

UN General Assembly To Address AI's Potential Risks, Rewards

The UN General Assembly will turn its attention to artificial intelligence on Thursday, weighing a resolution that lays out the potentially transformational technology's pros and cons while calling for the establishment of international standards.

Monsters, Asteroids, Vampires: AI Conspiracies Flood TikTok

From vampires and wendigos to killer asteroids, TikTok users are pumping out outlandish end-of-the-world conspiracy theories, researchers say, in yet another misinformation trend on a platform whose fate in the United States hangs in the balance.

Proliferating 'News' Sites Spew AI-generated Fake Stories

Propaganda-spewing websites have typically relied on armies of writers, but generative artificial intelligence tools now offer a significantly cheaper and faster way to fabricate content that is often hard to decipher from authentic information.

Meta Wants Industry-wide Labels For AI-made Images

Meta and other platforms are under pressure to keep tabs on AI-generated content with fears that bad actors will ramp up disinformation, with elections due this year in countries representing half the world's population.

EU To Resume Negotiations On World's First AI Law

Brussels wants to approve the world's first comprehensive AI law before the end of 2023 after the issue took on greater urgency when the ChatGPT bot dazzled the world last year, showcasing AI's rapid advances.

US Commerce Chief Warns Against China 'Threat'

US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo on Saturday urged lawmakers, Silicon Valley and US allies to stop China from getting semiconductors and cutting-edge technologies key to national security.

Sam Altman's Return Ushers In New Era At OpenAI

Sam Altman's shock return as chief executive of OpenAI late Tuesday -- days after being sacked -- caps a chaotic period that highlighted deep tensions at the heart of the Artificial Intelligence community.

Fake AI Porn Leads To Real Harassment In US High Schools

As AI has boomed, so has deepfake pornography, with hyperrealistic images and videos created with minimal effort and money -- leading to scandals and harassment at multiple high schools in the United States as administrators struggle to respond amid a lack of federal legislation banning the practice.

The Twists And Turns Of An OpenAI Meltdown

Silicon Valley star Sam Altman was suddenly ousted from the top spot at OpenAI as it led the race to artificial intelligence, only for the ambitious tech guru to be scooped up by Microsoft.

AI Doomsayers Blamed In OpenAI's Undoing

OpenAI has gone from ruling the world of artificial intelligence with ChatGPT to chaos, its chief executive ousted seemingly for advancing too fast and too far with the risky technology.

OpenAI Sees A Future Of AI 'Superpowers'

Dreams of the benefits of generative AI along with fears of the technology's risks have been hot topics in the tech world since ChatGPT made its blockbuster debut a year ago.

Tech Giants Jockey For Position At Dawn Of AI Age

Whether they sell smartphones, ads or computer chips, the heavyweights of Silicon Valley have everything to prove to investors looking to see who is best placed in the race to dominate the generative artificial intelligence market.

AI Anxiety As Computers Get Super Smart

From Hollywood's death-dealing Terminator to warnings from genius Stephen Hawking or Silicon Valley stars, fears have been fueled that artificial intelligence (AI) could one day destroy humanity.

UK Prepares To Host Global Leaders' Gathering On AI

The gathering, set to be attended by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, US Vice President Kamala Harris, EU chief Ursula von der Leyen and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, will focus on growing fears about the implications of so-called frontier AI.