Weeks after telling the world that her boyfriend has been supportive of her going topless for Extinction Rebellion's protests, Laura Amherst announced that she has parted ways with her boyfriend and thinks that she "might be a lesbian."

According to Daily Star, the 31-year-old recently made a revelation about her sexuality on Instagram story where she wrote, "I've broken up with my boyfriend. I think I might be a lesbian."

She addressed it to her homosexual friends and asked for some advice as she feels "just so confused right now." She asked how can a person know he or she is gay. She confessed that she regularly fantasizes about women in her dreams and she gets "way more turned on by women in porn than men." Amherst also admitted she has had sex with two women in the past though it was just for fun and casual, and has some serious girl crushes.

The Brighton-based activist said that she feels shy around women, and had many bad experiences with men, so she doesn't get turned on by them anymore. The topless climate activist had earlier labeled herself a "bicon" (bisexual icon) on Instagram where she even posted that she was searching for a girlfriend to enter a polyamorous relationship while being in a relationship with her supportive boyfriend, Leon.

In another Instagram post, she said that going topless is an “act of defiance." When she was a teenager, she was bullied for being sexually active, which came about as she was sexually abused as a child, the mum-of-one claimed.

She wrote on Instagram that she was not asking for sympathy, and said that "some people are promiscuous or sexual as they are deeply lonely" and feel like if they are close sexually to others, they may get love and affection. She also said that she still suffers with “serious” self-esteem issues due to which she ends up making poor decisions. She also revealed that she had tried to take her own life several times, and has depression and social anxiety from bullying and abuse, according to Daily Star.

But she will not let anyone shame her for anything, and will continue to educate herself and keep pushing for opportunities and fighting for equal rights for everyone. She also informed her followers that she is thinking to stop posting on OnlyFans by the end of the month as she feels “pressured to do more and more pornographic," which isn’t for her.

Representational image of ER activists
Red robed protesters from Extinction Rebellion take part in blockading the oil rig maintenance facility at Cromarty Firth Port Authority on October 6, 2021 in Invergordon, Scotland. The group are calling for an end of fossil fuel extraction and support for a transition of skilled oil and gas workers into decommissioning and renewable industries, not new oil fields. Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

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