Topless Extinction Rebellion protester Laura Amherst, whose boyfriend has been supportive of her bold decision, declared herself a bisexual on Instagram, and said that is she open to having a girlfriend as well.

The 31-year-old took part in the two-week "Impossible Rebellion" wearing nothing but nipple stickers and knickers. Now, the climate activist, who has a supportive boyfriend, is okay with polyamory too, according to Daily Star.

She told her Instagram followers that she learned a new word - bicons, which means bisexual icons. Addressing the ladies, she said that with her boyfriend, she is open to having a relationship with other women, but not men.

Earlier, the Brighton-based activist said that her fellow activist boyfriend Leon has been supportive of her decision to go topless at demonstrations, but doesn't want to take his top off as nobody wants to see him walking around without a shirt.

Amherst, who has paraded her breasts around London, now plans to go on a "boob world tour" so that more people talk about climate change. According to her, London is very open, but she wants to go beyond it and travel to different cities, and do whatever it takes to put the spotlight on climate change. While her boyfriend and family have raised no objection to her bold decision, not many are impressed with it.

"Recently I was fat-shamed, people have said, ‘You’ve got so many rolls on your body I don’t want to have to see that,'" she told The Sun. Some have also called Amherst, who has a child, "disgusting." Though she has been getting attention from many, she said that she wasn't deliberately seeking it.

Amherst feels that she is getting attention as society likes women with big boobs and blonde hair. She said, “People say, ‘Oh, she’s getting her t**s out, this Barbie-like girl must be desperate to be an influencer,’ but that's not my hope at all."

Meanwhile, Extinction Rebellion's protests have caused disruption and misery across the UK. Last month, some of the motorists at the London Bridge were left angry when they got delayed for hours due to a blockade.

Extinction Rebellion protesters gather at Oxford Circus to protest against climate change
Extinction Rebellion protesters gather at Oxford Circus to protest against climate change, on August 25, 2021 in London, United Kingdom. Climate action group Extinction Rebellion (XR) are holding multiple actions over two weeks from August 23rd 2021 aiming to disrupt the City of London and further afield and put climate change at the top of the agenda ahead of the UK hosting COP26 Summit later this year. Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images