When it comes to openly divulging state secrets and classified information, President Donald Trump doesn’t hold back, even at the cost of the nation’s security and jeopardizing relations with other countries.

And apparently, the president is not done with this particular personal policy of his as in his interviews with renowned journalist Bob Woodward, he disclosed a nuclear weapons system he had claimed: "You haven't even seen or heard about."

The author and veteran journalist Bob Woodward had conducted 18 interviews with the president for his upcoming new book, "Rage,” and Trump, in an attempt to impress Woodward, has made controversial and shocking confessions. 

"I have built a nuclear -- a weapons system that nobody's ever had in this country before," Trump said, as per a recording of their Dec. 5, 2019, conversation. "We have stuff that Putin and Xi have never heard about before. There's nobody. What we have is incredible."

And when Woodward later questioned with U.S. officials, who preferred to remain anonymous, they confirmed that a new weapons system has indeed been developed. But they were shocked that Trump would go ahead and reveal a piece of sensitive information like that. 

This disclosure by Trump comes as no surprise as he has been divulging state secrets for a long time now. Just recently, in May 2020, Trump openly boasted that the US military was developing a new "super-duper" missile that could travel 17 times faster than any other missile in existence. 

Woodward also disclosed that the most senior aides of the president were unaware that he spoke with Trump 18 times for the book. The President, who has a penchant for impressing people by disclosing secret government information, was apparently sure that Woodward would give him and his administration a glowing portrayal in his book. He even gave the author his personal cell phone number and would even call him at night from the White House residence.

In his spree of revealing top-secret information to impress Woodward, the President went as far as to narrate details of his encounters with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. While Woodward’s book is due for release on Sept. 15, the White House administration is sure that whatever Trump has shared wouldn’t pose any threat to American security.

Trump Donald Trump sparked outrage after allegedly saying during a DACA meeting, that Haitians, Africans, and Salvadorans are immigrants from "crappy" countries, adding that he want's them out and prefer immigrants from Norway. He later took to Twitter to deny the racist comments. Photo: Getty Images