Donald Trump
Former President Donald Trump rallies for the upcoming Iowa Caucus. Tannen Maury/AFP

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Sunday told his supporters in Las Vegas, Nevada, that if he wins the presidency again, he will not tax staffers within the hospitality industry who receive tips, drawing cheers from thousands of attendees at his Nevada rally.

"For those hotel workers, the people that get tips, you're gonna be very happy because when I get to office, we are going to not charge taxes on tips – people making tips," he said. The crowd cheered to his declaration, to which he added that it will be the "first thing" he does upon reclaiming the president's seat.

"It's been a point of contention for years, and years, and years, and you do a great job of service. You take care of people, and I think it's gonna be something that really is deserved," he added.

He went on to clarify that the change, if he wins a second term, will be applicable to people working at "restaurants," and just about any job where "tipping" is allowed. He said such a policy was "appropriate."

Thousands attended the event at Sunset Park, which was Trump's first campaign rally since he was convicted on all counts over his hush money case last month.

Additional medics were hired to help out during the event, considering the extreme heat. Fans and water bottles were in stock and breeze and misting stations were set up ahead of the rally.

At some point during his speech, former president erupted in annoyance over technical issues during the outdoor event. He said he didn't have teleprompters from the beginning as his thousands of supporters listened under the scorching heat. He said the event's teleprompter issues were "just a mess." He also threatened at one point to not pay the company that employed the teleprompters.

Meanwhile, a recent CBS News poll shows that 55% of voters believe the business mogul's conviction is "not a factor" in their November 2024 presidential choice and only 28% believe it is a "major factor."