Donald Trump
Donald Trump AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Former President Donald Trump is facing numerous investigations into his behavior. He described them during his first election rally as "something straight out of the Stalinist Russia horror show."

As he campaigns for the Republican presidential nomination, he held his first election rally in Waco, Texas on Saturday, reported Sky News.

He has many legal woes, including allegations of mishandling classified documents and of campaign finance violations.

He said that since the beginning, it "has been one witch-hunt and phony investigation after another."

His visit to Waco came three decades after a federal agents' raid on the Branch Davidians religious cult.

At the time, 86 people, including four law enforcement officers, had died.

Waco was chosen because it sits between many major population centers and has the infrastructure to host a large event, said a spokesperson for the Trump campaign.

But critics would say that the choice of Waco was a nod to Trump's far-right supporters. Many of them see the raid as an example of government over-reach.

According to ABC News, even though the rally at Waco Regional Airport was billed by his team as the first of his election campaign, he's held smaller events. They took place in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina since he launched his White House bid back in November 2022.

Trump told the crowd that his enemies "are desperate to stop" them, and their opponents have done everything they can to "crush our spirit and to break our will".

But according to him, "they failed," and they have "only made us stronger."

He said that the 2024 White House race is the final battle, it's "going to be the big one."

He also said that if he doesn't win the next election, he truly believes that the U.S. "is doomed."

Trump also insisted on Saturday night that he was not upset by expected criminal charges that might pop up from the Manhattan district attorney's investigation. It is in connection with his alleged role in paying hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels, reported The Guardian.

While coming back from the rally, he said that he was unafraid about the investigation, and called it a "fake investigation."

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