Keith Urban never hid anything about being an alcoholic in the past, an addiction that he has long been able to overcome. But, a recent report seems to suggest that Nicole Kidman might have reason to fear that her musician husband might relapse.

The rumor about Kidman worrying about the possibility of Urban relapsing during his residency came from OK Magazine, according to Gossip Cop. The entertainment-focused tabloid reported that Kidman is not at ease with her husband’s future work because the temptation of going back to alcohol is deemed to be greater in Vegas.

“Temptation is everywhere in Vegas, and she’s seen him relapse, so she knows it could happen again,” OK quoted an unnamed source. “She’s urged him to turn down the residency offer, but Keith told her she was being ridiculous.”

However, Kidman’s suggestion was not well-received by Urban, according to the tabloid’s tipster. In fact, it might have caused some friction between the two because, for the musician, it felt like his wife did not trust him enough.

“In Nicole’s eyes, he’s an addict and always will be,” the insider continued. “Nobody would be surprised if she accompanied him to every show or paid a sober coach to keep an eye on him. She’s taking this seriously.”

To confirm the report’s veracity, Gossip Cop got in touch with Kidman’s rep who said that there’s “no truth” to the article’s premise. In fact, fans should be wary about this rumor as it has been rehashed by tabloids numerous times before.

For instance, New Idea, previously, reported that Kidman sent Urban to rehab following a “near relapse.” The publication cited a source saying that Nicole “moved a life coach into their home to work with him and help him mentally prepare” for the tour. However, the timing of the report was a bit off since Keith was already six months into his Graffiti U World Tour, which only meant that the rumor was false.

In February 2019, National Enquirer reported that Urban was not pleased when Kidman and their kids joined him on the European and Australian legs of his tour as he felt that she lacked trust in him. However, Kidman’s rep denied the tabloid’s claims.

Urban opened up that he was “enslaved” by alcoholism before marrying Kidman, according to InStyle. However, his determination to overcome his addiction paid off and he has been sober for the last 13 years.

43771640501_9ce63202f9_k A recent report claims that Nicole Kidman is worried that Keith Urban's upcoming Las Vegas residency might be a threat to his sobriety. Gage Skidmore/Flickr