Police officers are seen outside parliament in Tunis March 18, 2015. Gunmen attacked Tunisia's national museum near its parliament on Wednesday, killing at least seven tourists and taking others hostage inside the building, the government said. REUTERS/Zoubeir Souissi

Hostages in the midday attack on a Tunisian Museum have been released, according to Reuters who cited unnamed government officials. Two gunmen are dead and a third may be on the loose, the New York Times reports. At least 22 were killed in the attacks, according to a statement from Habib Essid, the Tunisian Prime Minister. He said that the dead included citizens of Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland.

Initial reports indicated that the entire building was taken hostage, including 8 Mexican citizens. However, reports of hostage numbers have been conflicting, and it's possible that only 10 were taken. Tunisian counter-terrorism forces are surrounding the building, according to ABC. Snipers lined rooftops, according to the Guardian.

Where is tunis? Tunis is the capital of Tunisia, located on the central Meddeterranean coast of North Africa, a few hundre miles from the Italian island of Sicily. The map below give details of the location of the attacks.

tunisia attack locator map
Map locating the Bardo Museum in the Tunisian capital where militants killed over a dozen foreign tourists while holding others hostage. Reuters

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