TWICE has given some good news!

On October 1, the female group released the music video for their first English single, "The Feels." But Vulture said the video ended with a "breaking news."

They presented a poster containing a surprise announcement for TWICE's future plans at the end of the music video. In October, they will celebrate their sixth anniversary. In November, they will release their third full-length studio album. They are also planning their fourth tour.

"The song is about falling in love at first sight and how we should stay true to our feelings when we're struck with love. It shows our style as a group; not just the words or the message of the song, but the entire aura or feeling of the song reflects who we are," member Chaeyoung told Bustle.

TWICE's forthcoming album will be their first Korean album since June's "Taste of Love," and their first full Korean album since October 2020's "Eyes Wide Open." Soompi said the upcoming tour would be the group's first since "TWICELIGHTS," which was supposed to run from 2019 to 2020. However, it had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

TWICE previously released English versions of their prior songs, such as "I Can't Stop Me" and "More & More." Still, the release of an all-English single represents a "new chapter" in the group's journey, according to TWICE. It's a method for them to communicate more with their overseas fans, according to member Nayeon.

The Korean girl group told People that it's still odd for them to be seen in public, despite their fame - especially after the release of their album Perfect World this year.

"I think when a lot of women people recognize me on the street [...] when I go abroad when [...] fans recognize us and say 'hi' to us," says Mina. "That's when I realized: we've kind of made it."

Now that they've released their first English song, the group considers which American artists they'd like to collaborate with in the future.

Sana says she would love to collaborate with Camila Cabello. Yet, the decision would depend on each member. "She's amazing," Sana said.

TWICE Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions. This is a representational image. Vogue Taiwan/via Wikimedia Commons

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