Paul Berry car crash.
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26-year-old Brazilian influencer Lara Cleaver Afonso dies in a car accident. The tragic incident occurred after her car overturned while she was on her way to do a photoshoot in Sao Paulo with her identical twin sister, said reports.

It was the morning of Oct. 23 when the unfortunate incident occurred. Lara was driving along the Armando Salles de Oliveira highway from Guaraci to Olímpia, said the media. The Instagram model was in the driver’s seat while her sister Dara Cleaver Afonso, 26, was riding shotgun with their cousin, Vitória Molina Leite da Silva, 25, in the back.

Tragedy struck after Lara lost control while going around a turn, causing the vehicle to flip over, and eject her from the car.

The accident is currently being investigated by the authorities who believe that the accident was caused by Lara falling asleep at the wheel.

Lara was immediately taken to the hospital after the crash, where the medics revealed that the model had sustained multiple fractures. Despite doctors’ best efforts, she eventually succumbed to her injuries.

Meanwhile, Lara's twin sister Dara was transported to the Hospital de Base de São José do Rio Preto, where she underwent emergency surgery. She currently remains under observation at the facility.

Thankfully, the twins’ cousin emerged from the crash with only minor injuries and has since been released from the hospital.

Lara was buried Monday morning in Olímpia, where she lived with her family, G1 reported.

At the time of her death, Lara and Dara had over 10,000 followers on their shared Instagram page. The influencers frequently shared pics posing together in sexy matching outfits.

In her final post uploaded a week ago, a bikini-clad Lara could be seen sunning herself on a boat alongside her sister.

Social media was devastated by the influencer’s loss. Several fans shared their thoughts by writing online.

One crestfallen fan wrote, “Unbelievable, what happened! Life is a blow! My condolences to Lara’s family and friends!”

“My sincere sympathies! Until now I can’t believe it!” said another. “Rest in peace Laura! And I will continue to pray for your sister.”

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