In a nationally televised National Basketball Association action between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Clippers at the latter's Staples Center, many witnessed arguably the worst inbounding violation basketball, in general, has ever seen.

With 10:04 left in the game, Milwaukee's Eric Bledsoe, as soon as the referee handed him the ball at the sideline, dribbled it inside the court as if he was the actual recipient of the inbound pass and not Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Of course, the referee will call an inbound violation on Bledsoe, and the Clippers got the ball back.

That ridiculous error on Bledsoe surely had an impact in the game as the Bucks were only up by seven that time, 101-94, with an eternity of basketball, left to play.

Eventually, Milwaukee survived on the road, 129-124.

Still, fans could not help but take to Twitter all their laughs for that Bledsoe turnover.

"Eric Bledsoe with one of the most ridiculous turnovers I’ve ever seen in the NBA. You have to inbound the ball!!!" said one Twitter user. 

Some other fans, like Jorey and a certain Bookie Killer, jokingly think Bledsoe should undergo drug testing.



Another Twitter user that goes by the name Francis in Glendale put some Emma Watson reference into his reaction to the Eric Bledsoe turnover. 

Austin Pistulka of Orlando-based sports radio station The Game even called it "the dumbest moment in the NBA".

Former commentator Mike Cianciolo thinks Eric Bledsoe should be considered for Space Jam 2 for this error, even saying that the movie can just use the footage of the turnover for a certain scene and work around it. 

ESPN, which did the national television broadcast of the Bucks-Clippers game, made sure Bledsoe's turnover will not be overlooked in the Not Top 10 segment of its flagship news program SportsCenter.


Clippers legend Corey Maggette, who is now doing commentary for the team's local broadcast on Fox Sports West, also laughed out loud at the said error and said, "I'm sorry. That's a Shaqtin [A Fool]."


Of course, the guys at TNT obliged, even putting it a top nominee for Shaqtin' A Fool moment of the week.


Bledsoe got the "nod" of 49 percent of the votes, and his "win" as Shaqtin' A Fool of the week will be formalized on Thursday's Inside the NBA show.

Reacting to the turnover, Bledsoe told TMZ, "Oh, that [expletive] was funny. It happens, man!"

eric bledsoe Eric Bledsoe #2 of the Phoenix Suns during the second half of the NBA preseason game against the Brisbane Bullets at Talking Stick Resort Arena on October 13, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona Christian Peterson/Getty Images