Twitter is in a state of turmoil, an offshoot of tycoon Elon Musk’s initiative to whip the social media company into shape. Unfortunately, his terms did not appeal to existing workers, a reason why most had opted to head to the exit.

Hundreds of Twitter employees reportedly quit on Thursday, November 17, following Musk’s ultimatum to commit to a hardcore environment or be fired, the Post reported.

Musk gave existing employees until 5:00 p.m. on Thursday to decide on whether to sign on to his offer or not. Hundreds ended up quitting their jobs, most taking the exit option instead.

A handful of employees allegedly chose to reluctantly stay while only 7% agreed to stay on and take up Musk on his hardcore option. In a poll, 42% of 180 workers surveyed opted to take the exit option.

In light of this development, Twitter told workers that offices would be closed until Monday, Nov. 21. Badge access would also be cut until that time, Reuters reported.

On Thursday evening, security forces were reportedly also kicking employees out of the office. It was not mentioned how many quit or have decided to stick it out with the company, one who would have to spend long hours at high intensity.

Musk would also reportedly reach out to current and former workers, allegedly in an effort to try and convince them to stay.

This comes not long after Musk slashed the Twitter workforce by half after acquiring the company following a controversial $44 billion takeover.

Among those fired were 80% of the engineering staff. More are allegedly following, raising questions on how Twitter would be able to address bugs and issues that would keep the social media platform afloat.

Reports of Twitter outages rose sharply from less than 50 to nearly 2,000 reports on Thursday evening, according to the website Downdetector, which tracks website and app outages.

Following the actions of Musk, it remains to be seen if his moves would keep Twitter afloat. He is reportedly searching for a new leader to run the company as the organizational overhaul continues.

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