A 22-year-old student from the University of Vermont is reportedly dead after a man said to be an ex-lover invaded and shot her at a friend’s apartment.

The female victim was identified as Kayla Noonan while the one who shot her was identified as Mikal Dixon. The 27-year-old male suspect allegedly turned the gun on himself after killing Noonan, WCAX reported.

Also injured in the incident was the apartment owner known only as C.R. He suffered serious injuries but was listed in stable but critical condition at the University of Vermont Medical Center.

"The lives of these three families have been forever changed by this tragedy," Acting Police Chief Jon Murad said at a press conference.

Per reports, Dixon was trying to get inside the apartment in the early hours of Monday but was unable to do so. He ended up breaking a window and entered the residence with an AR-15 short barrel rifle.

"[He] shot and killed Ms. Noonan, shot and wounded C.R. and shot and killed himself," Murad quipped.

Based on the statements coming from C.R., Noonan and Dixon allegedly had a relationship that dated back several years.

An investigation on the matter is ongoing. Murad added that there is no threat in the area.

"This incident is another awful reminder that Burlington is not immune to the steep increase in gun violence the country's experiencing," Murad said. "And as a result of our disastrous gun laws, Americana are vastly more likely to have to endure a terrible tragedy like this."

It was learned that Noonan is from northern New Jersey. She was active on social media, posting with many friends and about her active life.

She was a rising senior at UVM majoring in community entrepreneurship and minoring in sociology in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Also, there was a photo on social media showing Noonan with Dixon that was taken just over a year ago. However, details on the extent of their relationship remain unknown.

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