United States House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is pushing for her “Protect Children’s Innocence Act” but may have chosen the wrong word in the process.

The 48-year-old politician called out a gay state lawmaker and referred to him as a “groomer,” a term that has now come under fire.

The word “groomer” is known to be a term for someone who attempts to sexually abuse children. Further, California State Sen. Scott Wiener tweeted that it is categorically an anti-LGBTQ hate word.

Wiener’s response was seen as something tied to the shooting at an LGBTQ bar Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Saturday, Nov. 19, a night that left five people dead and at least 18 injured, Reuters reported.

“If you call someone groomer, you’re inciting violence against LGBTQ people,” the lawmaker wrote.

According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, “grooming” is a set of manipulative behaviors sexual predators use to gain access to potential victims, coerce them to agree to the abuse, and reduce the risk of getting caught.

It was added that the process usually involves training the victims to keep secrets from adults they trust and desensitizing them to sexual discussions and touching, and the goal is the sexual abuse of children.

Greene was batting for her act, something that would stop communist groomers like this from using state government power to take children away from their parents to allow a for-profit medical industry to chop off these confused children’s genitals before they are even old enough to vote.

The bill of Greene would also make gender-affirming care more difficult for transgender adults to access and would ban medical schools from teaching about gender-affirming care.

Regardless, the wrong terminology has now resulted in unwanted attention to Greene.

Greene's account is one of many controversial accounts that have been brought back to the platform since Elon Musk purchased the company.

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