Planning a first date is always nerve-racking. You have to pick locations avoiding making your date think you are pretentious or cheap. We have four locations that never fail and can give you the chance of having a second, third date or even a long term relationship depending on your personality.

Bar: If you choose a bar, you're probably very outgoing and like to have a good time while drinking. While he or she may not think you're marriage material, it’s the first date, and you still don’t know that person's public behavior. If you really like this person and want a second date, try not to get too drunk but enjoy the time. Don’t mix multiple drinks or cocktails. Stay classy with a bottle of wine or champagne.

Coffee shop:  You can also have a good time without the aid of alcohol. The good thing about going for coffee is that you are going to stay sober and enjoy a casual, no sloshed conversation.

Bowling alley: You are for sure very youthful, goofy, funny and lively. It’s a good option if you’re worried about having to maintain a conversation. If you want a second date try not to be super competitive. Keep things loose!

Movies On Your Couch: Sure! Why not? If you met this person through someone else you can totally confirm if your future date is not a serial killer or a psychopath. Invite her/him over to have a comfortable and familiar experience with you. This is without question the most risky destination but it might be pretty successful.