“The Vampire Diaries” may be five seasons in, but they are finally getting a gay character. E! Online reports that the new character will be joining the Mystic Falls crew at Whitmore College, and he will be spending some quality time with Caroline. And while Luke may be seriously good looking, he is not putting the moves on Miss Forbes, because he will be the first gay character on the hit CW show! Luke is described as handsome, and sarcastic, but it seems like everyone on this vampire-infused drama Luke has a secret. Luke has a sister who is also a student at Whitmore College, according to Huffington Post, Luke has a very close bond with his sister and he will do anything to protect her, even if that means, “sacrificing” something. Uh oh, when we take sacrifice on “Vampire Diaries” it normally means some bloodshed is going to occur.

So how exactly is Luke going to fit into Caroline’s life? While we would love to say that Luke is going to help Caroline move on from Tyler and Jesse, unfortunately he is not. Luke and Caroline’s relationship will be similar to Elena and Aaron’s in the first half of Season 5, despite the relationship growing into a friendship, get ready for a bunch of mysteries, because as the pair gets friendly, the intrigue into Luke’s real life will grow. As Caroline begins to investigate, fans will be thankful that Luke will have a strong storyline of his own in the second half of Season 5.

“The Vampire Diaries” returns from its mid-season break on January 23, and it looks like Season 5 is playing the catch up game. The CW’s other hit vampire drama “The Originals” introduced their first gay character, Josh. The attractive young teen turned vampire solider in Marcel’s army, was quickly introduced in the first season of the spin-off series. Marcel first turned Josh into a vampire, then he was made a spy by Klaus, to finally be rescued by Davina. Josh and Davina bonded over being different, young, and feeling a little bit lost in the supernatural world of New Orleans.

Luke is set to appear on Season 5 of “The Vampire Diaries,” however there is no official word yet on which specific episodes he will be appearing in. Are you excited for the first gay character on the hit series? Comment below and let us know!