Leopoldo López
Political prisoner Leopoldo López sends a message to all the protesters who are facing the regime of President Nicolas Maduro and asked them to keep fighting but in a peaceful way until victory is achieved. Reuters

Leader and founder of the opposition party “Voluntad Popular,” Leopoldo López was arrested arbitrarily on February 18 this year. During this period of time the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention worked toward determining whether the charges presented by the Venezuelan Attorney General's Office, stating López is accountable for all the street violence occurred since his detention, following his call to protest against the socialist government in the divided nation. However, the UN argues that, neither the Attorney General's Office nor the government "clearly states what phrases in his speech could have motivated those serious incidents or incited their perpetration."

Venezuelan Chancellor, Rafael Ramírez attended a press conference where he stated “Just like we told the US Department of State to stay out of our issues, the same thing goes for any other work group or institution… All violence trials in progress from the beginnings of this year are being processed and follow the course of our laws.” He added that his country’s government will issue an official statement further on, in response to the UN’s plea.

The international organization also pointed out that the opposition leader’s rights have been violated from the very beginning as he was detained without a formal arrest warrant, and has been illegally kept in isolation, making it extremely complicated for his defense to get in touch with López, therefore resulting in an unfair and impartial trial.

The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention came to a resolution late September stating they believe López had been sent to Ramo Verde military prison "on grounds of political affiliation and opinions." Additionally, they urged the government to release him and grant him “an integral reparation, including monetary and moral compensation.”

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