Venezuela Protests: Juanes, Franco De Vita & More Stars Send Messages Of Support [VIDEO]

Opponent of the government of Maduro holds the flag of Venezuela as a love demonstration. Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

After three weeks of continuous protests, which have left six dead to date in Venezuela, Latin American singers such as Juanes, Nacho and Franco De Vita call for a ceasefire and ask for peace in the midst of the crisis that the country is experiencing.

Venezuelan citizens one more time filled the streets of that nation, asking President Nicolas Maduro to stop spreading misery and terror in the country. Similarly, they also demand with much fervor the opportunity to vote in a fair election for all.

In Franco de Vita's post, the singer dedicates a song of freedom with the caption: "Free to think what I want, free to say what I feel, free to look at your face, free because I do not lie... free because I respect you, free, nobody steals my dreams. Free because I feel like it. Free because I'm not saleable."

Venezuelan singer Nacho expresses that he would like the resentments to be eradicated, he asks for a change and that they always add love to every aspect of life. "I want to see my country in healthy peace, in full union and with a renewed spirit."

Juanes sings a song from the celebrated singer and composer of Venezuelan music, Simón Díaz. To the video posted on his Instagram account he wrote: "Today I woke up thinking of you Venezuela, always carrying you in my heart."

Trying to disperse the angry crowd, the Venezuelan riot police has been confronting the opposition anti-government demonstration with bullets, water tanks, pepper spray and tear gas.

Human rights activist and the wife of Leopoldo López, has been calling for peaceful protests in the streets of various parts of the country. Lilian Tintori along with an immense group of demonstrators, have endured humiliations and have been victims of tear gas, among other terrible things.

According to the local press of that Nation, the confrontations had a higher than normal tone every day. The police is throwing twice the bombs, the same were stronger and not only were thrown by land, also the authorities opted for the use of helicopters.

In social networks the hashtag SOS Venezuela (#SOSVENEZUELA) was created in order to ask the help of other countries in such unfortunate situation. 

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