Verónica Castro is finally returning to the screen! This time by the hand of director Manolo Caro, in a dark comedy produced by the streaming service Netflix.

This series is about a dysfunctional family who owns a flower business and is part of Mexico’s high society, where lies and deception are part of the daily life. Things get complicated when the family patriarch’s lover dies, and his “side family” moves in with his wife and kids. The series will explore the need to protect and forgive your loved ones regardless of their mistakes. For now, the production has no name, but will begin shooting in the coming months in Mexico.

"I'm very excited to work with Netflix, because it's like jumping the century. I already did it, I played it, I tried everything, I did everything, but I was missing a series, and now with Manolo, I think it's going to be superb and I'm very excited and grateful because it's a great opportunity that I have to take advantage of,” Castro said of the show.

Manolo Caro will not only direct the show that he wrote, but he'll also act. Asilinn Derbez and Cecilia Suárez are two of the actresses who make up the cast of this series that promises to have the public glued to the screen.

The comedy series is intended to be released on the digital platform in the fall of 2017.