Victoria Beckham and David Beckham are rumored to be struggling with their marriage after the latter was photographed in a hot tub with Courtney Cox. The football player posed topless with the “Friends” star.

Tabloid Now to Love claimed that the singer is livid at her husband’s latest rendezvous with Cox and has decided to walk out on their marriage. “Victoria went ballistic,” an unnamed source, allegedly, said.

“She said it was totally inappropriate. She’s done with David’s constant flirting. This fight seems like it could be the final straw. His behavior is just so disrespectful,” the insider added.

But, according to the rumor-debunking site, Gossip Cop, it is unlikely that the singer is furious at her husband for posing in a hot tub with Cox. After all, the photo was taken on the set of “Modern Family,” where the two celebrities will be making a cameo.

Cox was the one who shared the photo on her Instagram account, which only proves that she isn’t hiding anything from her co-star’s wife. As such, it cannot be assumed that the two are having an affair.

The English footballer also uploaded a different photo on his Instagram account. In the snap, he and Cox are holding a copy of their script while practicing their lines for the hit ABC sitcom.

As of late, details from Beckham and Cox’s upcoming appearance in “Modern Family” are still being kept under wraps. What is only known is that they will be on the show early next year.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that the professional athlete was linked to a slew of women. Just weeks ago, the same tabloid claimed that the “Wannabe” singer is jealous of all of the women that her husband is getting close to.

In June, the couple was also rumored to be divorcing just before they celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. The tabloid claimed that the Beckhams are on different paths since the fashion designer is in London and her husband was in Miami. The dubious claims went as far as suggesting that the couple’s children are already picking their sides between their parents.

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham David Beckham and Victoria Beckham attend the British Fashion Awards 2015 at London Coliseum on November 23, 2015, in London, England. Anthony Harvey/Getty Images