Shocking Dashcam Video Captures Violent Road Rage Shooting Incident On I-95 Pexels/ Pixabay

The suspect who brutally attacked a pregnant woman on June 6 is being hunted down by police after videos of the shocking incident were released by the New York Police Department on Friday. The footage captured the suspect confronting the 26-year-old Estrella Guzman with a metal tool, believed to be a screwdriver. The incident took place around 5:20 p.m. at the Grand Concourse near East Fordham Road in the Bronx, at which surveillance footage showed the suspect whacking the woman’s head repeatedly as he pushed her up against a car.

According to the New York Post, cops believe the attack may have stemmed from road rage. A person close to the victim told authorities that the suspect fled the scene and drove off in a silver BMW. It is not yet clear what exactly provoked the attack but based on released footage, both the suspect and woman are seen in a physical altercation in the middle of a street. Bystanders within the immediate perimeter of the scene appeared to be stopping the attacker, then the man eventually walks off. Due to poor video quality, not much can be told about the violent exchange. The victim was rushed to St. Barnabas hospital for treatment of her injuries which included a severe laceration to her head. Guzman was reported to be in stable condition.

In an interview with Eyewitness, Guzman said she had gotten into a bad car accident a year ago and was just on her way to therapy on the day she was attacked. While on the road, she did not let another driver enter her lane when she noticed that the driver started following her and seemed to be agitated. The victim recalled that she had no idea what the problem was so she decided to get out of her car to confront the driver.

"He doesn't say a word," Guzman said. "He comes out with a screwdriver and attacks me."

The man stabbed her five times on her head and started going for her neck. Guzman said she tried to fight back as she started to feel the jabs on her neck, so she began to claw at his eyes and attempted to get away from him. "When I tried to get in my car to try and stop him, he ended up running me over," she said. "I'm literally squished in between his car and my car,” Guzman continued.

Meanwhile, police reports have not yet released any information regarding the attacker or his identity. Guzman found out she was three months pregnant at the time of the attack and had miscarried a week later.

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