In movies or TV series where there is a prophecy, fans are usually left wondering at the back of the minds if the prediction will eventually come to pass or not. Now spoilers on “Vikings” Season 6 say that the questions that have been nagging fans of the historical drama series throughout the plot’s twists and turns will finally be answered.

While the show’s cast and crew have remained tight-lipped on what is to come, clues about some of the characters’ future may have already been revealed in the past episodes of the series itself, according to Metro. For instance, when Margrethe went to The Seer to find out if Ubbe will eventually become king, it was eventually said that the prophet will not be the king of Kattegat.

The implication here is that while Ubbe will not reign over Kattegat, he will be a ruler somewhere else. And now the next question that fans have to ponder is where that place might be.

Meanwhile, the future looks quite bleak for Lagertha. When she went to The Seer for guidance, the latter confirmed that she will end up dying by the hands of a son of Ragnar. Fans who have been following the series might have an inkling who that son could be. After all, Ivar has the strongest motive to kill Lagertha, and that is to avenge his mother’s death.

However, the “Vikings” creator Michael Hirst revealed a few clues on what’s in store for the show’s favorite warrior queen. No, Hirst did not confirm her death. But he explained more of a change in attitude, a longing for a simpler life away from fame and power and the endless strife that goes with them, according to CinemaBlend.

“There's actually a meeting in the beginning of the first episode of Season 6 in which the winners of the battle for Kattegatt decide what they're going to do,” Hirst teased. “And she says that she's going to retire, that she's done enough, that she's weary, that she nearly died, that the people she loved are dead.”

Ivar, will not be having a good time next season as well. He went to see The Seer, but unfortunately he did not like what he was told and killed the prophet instead.

Well, fans can certainly understand why Ivar will be provoked to such a degree. In his prophecy, The Seer even mentioned Ivar’s legs, which are a source of irritation for the warrior. The prophet told him, “Your chariot lies as broken as your legs, a snake has circled in your skull and your eyes betray you. Your path is full of garbage oh the horror, the horror.”

While Ivar might have disposed of the prophet, the fact remains that his future is far from the glorious divinity he envisioned. This could perhaps mean that after his defeat in the Siege of Kattegat, more misfortunes are coming his way.

But some fans are pretty certain of one thing that is going to happen to Ivar next season. There are speculations that Ivar will eventually end up in Russia, according to an Express report. It all started when an Instagram post by @trevormorriscomposer showed Alex Hogh and Marco Ilso wearing their “Vikings” costume.

Among those whose futures were foretold by The Seer, it appears that Bjorn is the only one who is fortunate. The Seer told Ragnar’s eldest son that he will become even greater than his father.

But of course all of these “Vikings” Season 6 spoilers depend on whether or not The Seer’s prophecies will indeed come true next season. As they say, the future is not set in stone. And maybe that saying applies on TV as well.