'Vino El Amor' Univision Telenovela Finale Spoilers
Find out how soap starring Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto end on last episode! Televisa

The Univision primetime telenovela "Vino El Amor" end in México and we have the juicy details on how it all wrapped up. Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Graciela (Kimberly Dos Ramos) has been unmasked by Juan (Christian De La Campa) that has told Lilian (Azela Robinson) that she was the woman that killed her own sister Lisa. Lilian is in shock and slaps her a couple of times, not believing she would so something so atrocious. During their verbal fight, Fernanda (Sofía Castro) ends up finding out that her aunt killer her mother. Fernanda feels betrayed because she rooted for her and always backed her up in her relationship with her father.

After Juan does his damage upstairs, he goes on to find David (Gabriel Soto). Juan goes off on David, he shoots him in the arm and starts beating him up like a complete savage. Eventually the police arrive and take Juan into custody. Back at home, Lilian and Graciela are still arguing and the latter says she will take it all out on the kids. Lilian was not having it and she pushes her down the stairs and Graciela falls to her death.

David finds out that Graciela died and Lilian confirms it was her that killed his wife. Lilian asks for forgiveness, but there's not much David can forgive her for. Police take Lilian into custody. Luciana (Irina Baeva) goes to console David and he asks for her forgiveness for not treating her right.

Lilian finds out she will get convicted for homicide as she admitted to killing Graciela. Juan ends up in jail as well and he suffers as the other convicts give him a beating on a daily basis. Fernanda goes off to college, while Sonía (Verónica Jaspeado) releases her book "When The Heart Roars." She ends up marrying León (José Eduardo Derbez).

Martha (Cynthia Klitbo) and Ramón (Mario Loria) decide to find an apartment and move in together. Martha pays a visit to Lilian, per the latter's request. She asks Martha to take care of her grandkids and not bring them to jail as she doesn't want them to be more ashamed of her. The each ask for each other's forgiveness because they did bad things to each other throughout their lifetime.

David and Luciana end up together with the win symbolizing their love.

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