Tik Tok video @hispanicstiktok
Tik Tok video @hispanicstiktok Pixabay

A Tik Tok video posted by @hispanicstiktok, which stands over 3.3 million views, shows several videos of Hispanics working at their jobs with "the best attitude."

The video starts off with a serious tone:

"Let me ask you a question - who works the hardest in the United States?"


"And who makes the least amount of money?"


"But who are the happiest people every weekend in the dam parks doing barbecues with their family having the best time?"


"Why is that?"

"I don't know...they have something that money can't buy!"

The video captioned:

Hispanics working in the USA! Working hard with the best attitude #hispanicsbelike #hispanicsinusa #hispanicsworkharder #hispanicsworkhard #mexicaninusa #hispanicconstructions #hispanicsarethebest #hispanicsarebetter💪💪

The video sparked a lot of comments from different cultures showing love towards the Hispanic community.

Tik Tok user @Jfromriv comments saying that he is not Hispanic but that the video goes crazy.

Not Hispanic but mannn this vid goes crazy‼️🔥

@jfromriv comments of Tik Tok video @jfromriv Tik Tok

Another user chimes in and comments:

This is no lie I've worked with Hispanic painters and they work sun up to sun down. Very much respect 💯

Tye Conner Tik Tok
Tye Conner Tik Tok

Tik Tok user Jesse Rogers commented that they [Hispanics] are the best people to work with even though he doesn't understand Spanish.

Hell yeah😂 best people to work with and I can't understand a thing 😂

Jesse Rogers Tik Tok
Jesse Rogers Tik Tok

Hispanics are so often misjudged and called "lazy", but research from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), shows that the Mexican people are in fact the hardest working in the world, working a total of nearly 10 hours on average every day.

Hispanics also deal with hate and racism on a daily, and seeing different cultures support and appreciate their ethnicity shows that not everyone listens to the media.

Tik Tok user @Mads shows her love and support towards Hispanics.

I wish america was kinder to you. I am so sorry. I appreciate you and want you here 🤍 Stay amazing

Tik Tok user Mads comment
Tik Tok user Mads comment towards Hispanics Tik Tok

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