Monday night on “The Voice,” the top five artists remaining -- Christina Grimmie, Josh Kaufman, Kristen Merlin, Jake Worthington and Kat Perkins -- will perform in the semifinals for your votes. At this point in the competition, the five artists competing for the chance to win “The Voice,” are very talented. However, it’s not hard to know at least which two are the frontrunners, and I would say have been the frontrunners throughout the entire competition. The two frontruners are team Usher’s Josh Kaufman and team Adam Levine’s Christina Grimmie. They have delivered week after week and have definitely become fan favorites.

Josh Kaufman was stolen by Usher, and I’m sure Usher is very thankful to have made that move. On the other hand, Christina Grimmie impressed Adam since the blind auditions, and she has kept growing in this competition. She was already a YouTube sensation before auditioning for the show, meaning she has many followers.

It will be interesting to watch who America will vote for. But one thing is for sure, Josh and Christina will not be eliminated tomorrow night! Who do think will win “The Voice”?