"The Walking Dead" Season 4 finale "A" will air on Sunday, March 30. AMC

“Walking Dead” Season 4 is coming to a close, but like fans of the zombie apocalypse series have learned in the past, the characters on this show don’t normally live happily ever after. In a recent interview executive producer, Gale Anne Hurd revealed that Season 4, and more importantly the series as a whole is “all about human choices” she continued revealing that in the finale episode “A,” the survivors will be “will be pushed to their limit." While bloodshed is surely expected in the Season 4 finale premiering on AMC on March 30th, it seems as though there will not just be slain walkers in the end, but the survivors will have to deal with the mental repercussions of their actions, which Hurd states is the focus of Season 5. As for the Season 4 finale’s burning question, is Terminus safe for the survivors? The synopsis for “A” teases that fans will most likely find out if the place is truly a safe haven or a death trap. The AMC official synopsis is most certainly brief, but offers a lot of clues, it reads, “Rick comes face-to-face with sheer brutality when multiple paths collide.” So we are assuming this means the survivors finally arrive at Terminus, but will all the groups make it to the “end of the line” or will just Rick and Joe face off. Joe and Rick had their last run in during episode 15 “Claimed” and there is obviously still much to be settled between the two ruthless leaders, but with Daryl Dixon squared off against his former group will Rick’s “brutality” emerge against his old friend?

Rick, Michonne, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Tara, Bob, Sasha, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene are all in route for Terminus, however, like most things in this post-apocalyptic world, the group does not know what to expect. Terminus is the still mysterious place, compound or even area that was emitting distorted radio signals picked up in the car driven by Daryl earlier in Season 4. The message was interrupted and the possibility of other human survivors glazed over due to the amassing hoard of walkers that Daryl, Michonne, Tyrese and Bob encountered, but now Terminus is the destination and fans are expecting the group’s arrival to either make them or break them. Due to the mysterious nature of Season 4 and the unknown origin of Terminus, many fans are speculating that the Season 4 finale episode title “A” actually refers to the Alexandria Safe Zone referenced in Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels. However, “A” allegedly stands for answers, which the fans will finally receive when the groups converge and the finale ensues. While mysterious, fans of the series can be sure that the finale episode will be one to remember, with Hurd referring to the conclusion as “savage” and explaining that it is the biggest finales the show has ever done.

The season four finale "A" will air on Sunday, March 30. Check out the teaser trailer below and be sure to tune in to discover the fate of the survivors and what is in store for Season 5 of “Walking Dead.”

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