Bulgarians and people from most countries worldwide have the chance to choose from several online casinos. Some of them use advanced security technology and other things in order to provide their clients with a secure betting platform. However, others don’t offer any safety features at all. As a result, people who use these websites have to be careful not to lose their private information.

Deciding which online casino is legit is not easy, even for experienced bettors. To help punters in numerous countries avoid as many problems as possible, places like Betenemy have a list of shadow online casinos. Needless to say, it is not recommended to use any of the options mentioned there.

Since there are new online casinos every day, this list does not include every operator players should avoid. So, let’s go over some of the warning signs that you are probably using an online casino you shouldn’t.

The iGaming brand is not regulated by anyone

The first and definitely the most obvious sign a given online casino is not legit is the lack of regulation. Since Betenemy started in Bulgaria, the brand created detailed reviews of betting platforms in the country. However, it also has overviews in many other languages that go over the casino’s list of games, promotions, and security features. The latter is one of the most important parts of every analysis because it shows whether a brand is regulated. Betenemy will include any info about the regulations, which will give you an idea of whether the given brand is trustworthy.

There might be online casinos that are legit, despite not being regulated by anyone. However, since these companies don’t have to adhere to any rules, they can be unpredictable. As a result, most iGaming fans prefer to avoid these places when possible. For example, Bulgarian online casino players prefer to use an operator registered in their country or a popular international brand,

Bombastic bonuses

Online casinos from all over the world try to offer their clients attractive bonuses. That’s why bettors in Bulgaria and several other places can obtain loads of extra funds, free spins, and even casino cashback. Some promotions might seem reasonable on paper, but once people read the in-depth and unbiased bonus reviews from Betenemy Bulgaria, they can quickly tell whether the offer is legit.

Unfortunately, the bonuses that seem too good to be true are usually problematic. Most of the shady online casinos only advertise the maximum potential bonus that users can get. Sometimes, they might include information about the minimum deposit requirement, which is also low. However, once punters read the Terms and Conditions, they realize that their bonus has to be wagered at least 70 or more times. Furthermore, these casinos usually give their clients just a few days to complete this rule. This is a clear sign that something is not right.

Spammy pop-ups

Pop-ups became popular a couple of years ago, which means that many websites use them. Some of the legit iGaming operators found at Betenemy for Bulgaria and other countries also offer those things. Usually, they ask whether the given bettor wants to receive notifications once something happens.

The bad news is that there are websites where punters might have to deal with loads of pop-ups, most of which try to advertise a given bonus. Some brands are really annoying because they spam every couple of seconds. Although not all of them are shady, this is one sign indicating the given company is not worth it.

No customer support options

Having access to a professional customer support team is as important as using loads of casino games. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize it until it is too late.

The best online casinos in Bulgaria and other places that you can find at Betenemy are known for their quality support departments. Besides employing people with experience, these sites offer at least three contact methods. Hence, their clients can use the one they like and have the chance to talk to a professional.

Sadly, the shady online casinos don’t offer those things. There might be some exceptions, but most of these sites want to steal their clients’ money. Consequently, they only focus on providing more games and lucrative bonuses. Most iGaming companies that fall into this category don’t have contact options.

Bad reviews

Another thing people use when they want to know whether a given site is legit is other players’ reviews. Nowadays, there are loads of places where bettors can read what others say about a given online casino. Besides Betenemy’s reviews, some online punters use forums and other things to express their opinion. Although punters should take their opinions with a pinch of salt, they can help them decide whether a given brand is worth it.