While Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage didn’t last long, they were still blessed with two sons any parent would be proud of. In their younger years, Prince William and Prince Harry became the media’s favorite royals as they were usually photographed alongside their very charismatic mom.

The media became enamored with how unique Diana’s parenting style was when it comes to William and Harry. The Princess of Wales bonded with the boys doing fun activities not usually done by other royal kids, such as going to Disney World, riding a log flume in an amusement park or simply grabbing a bite at McDonald’s.

Considering the very visible activities that Princess Di had with her kids, some royal family fans are wondering which royal parent was the fun one when William and Harry were still growing up. It’s no surprise then that a lively discussion ensued when someone posted a similar question to the Q&A site Quora.

Claire Jordan, a Quora user, noted of an instance that suggests that the Prince of Wales might be as fun of a parent as his wife. According to Jordan, there was one time when Charles was late for a meeting because “he’d been splashing water with them [William and Harry] in the bath.”

This line of thinking is also supported by another Quora user named Laura Warwick Martin. “Prince Charles is often seen laughing and joking with his sons, he has a wonderful sense of humor, and they enjoy the same hobbies and interests, many of which Diana did not,” Martin wrote on the site. 

She also stressed that it’s not necessary to compare Diana’s and Charles’ respective relationships with their sons. “So, while the ‘fun’ they have is different, it does not mean it is not as good as the fun they had with their mother,” Martin explained. “In fact, I think most would say that they had a different relationship with their mother and father but it mean [sic] one was better than the other.”

But fans believe that there’s a very simple explanation why Diana might seem to be the fun parent compared to Charles. “I think a lot of the issue here is that Diana was always willing to ‘show off’ like running down the deck of the Royal Yacht Britiania to give the boys a hug,” Edward Brain wrote. “Prince Charles was not brought up to show affection that way so that’s why he might have come over as not as being so ‘fun.’”

Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles Princess Diana (L), her sons Harry and William and Prince Charles watch the parade march past as part of the commemorations of VJ Day 19 August in London. JOHNNY EGGITT/AFP/Getty Images