Kate Del Castillo Returns With 'Dueños Del Paraiso'
Following "La Reina del Sur" hit, Kate del Castillo returns to Telemundo as a star of the upcoming telenovela "Dueños del Paraiso." Watch the trailer here! Telemundo

An upcoming project that created major buzz at Telemundo's Upfront presentation this year was "Dueños del Paraiso" starring Kate del Castillo. The 41-year-old "La Reina del Sur" star made a special appearance during the event held in New York in May to present this new project. The original story by Pablo Illanes, is inspired by real-life events during the height of the 1980s drug trade era in Miami, Del Castillo plays Anastasia Cardona, the widow of a well-known Mexican drug lord who has become psychologically disturbed by the violence that has surrounded her. When she partners up with two local cocaine traffickers to take on the Santa Norma cartel, they become the target of the so-called “drug wars,” transforming the streets of South Florida into a terrifying battlefield. Watch the trailer down below!

Kate del Castillo made headlines in recent weeks as she is one of the ambassadors for PETA. The actress made Mexican families aware of the harm that Ringling Bros. cause their elephant performers. The circus was going to tour her home country and urged a ban on the show. Del Castillo sent a letter on PETA's behalf asking Arena Monterrey and Arena Ciudad de México not to host the cruel circus. "If you're thinking about going to a circus that uses animals, please reconsider," before revealing how the entity abuses their elephants to force them to act for millions of guests. "Most performers would love to sell out an arena, but elephants in the circus would surely trade in a packed audience for a life of freedom with their families," del Castillo writes. "I hope to hear that you'll do the right thing and decide never to host Ringling Bros. again."

The letter addressed to Guillermo Salinas Pliego, President of Grupo Avalanz is as follows: "As an entertainer, I'm writing with deep concern for the elephants who will soon be forced to perform for Ringling Bros. circus in my native Mexico. I urge you to take a few moments to consider the information below and then make the kind decision never to host Ringling at your arenas again. Heartbreaking undercover video footage reveals that Ringling Bros. routinely beats animals in order to force them to perform unnatural and even painful tricks for circus performances, as you can see in this PETA Latino exposé that I hosted. Photos taken by a veteran Ringling employee at the company's elephant training camp have revealed that baby elephants are stretched out, slammed to the ground, and gouged with sharp weapons in order to teach them to perform tricks out of a fear of punishment."

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