“Penny Dreadful” is an upcoming horror series for Showtime, and in addition to the deeply haunting plot line, the show is rooted in classic literature tales and Victorian London.  The series, which is set to premiere on Showtime on May 11, will bring together several infamous Victorian literary characters. The newly released “Penny Dreadful” trailer showcases the merging of multiple classic horror tales, including Dr. Victor Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, Frankenstein’s creature, Count Dracula, and even Mina Harker, will all exist in the same realm, creating a supernatural-infused, bloody, and truly terrifying  plot.

The premiere episode, “Night Work” begins with the uncovering of a vampire lair, however this is no “Twilight” vampire love story, these vicious beasts are out for blood and the newly shaped team including, American Ethan Chandler, mysterious and religious Vanessa Ives, and Sir Malcolm Murray a well-known African explorer have perhaps met their match.

However, “Penny Dreadful” seems to prove itself far behind any other supernatural series audiences have watched, in addition to the well-known literary tales, the series includes Egyptian mythology and Jack the Ripper in the story. Thus creating a well-developed and complex combination of fiction and history that will keep you guessing.

Another reason to watch, in addition to the growing mysterious intrigue, is the beautifully built period piece. Luckily, “Penny Dreadful” finds itself on Showtime, meaning it has a feature film budget and the ability to create a seemingly true, and convincible atmosphere. London in 1891 is still between old world and modern technology, while the poor light gas lamps, the rich bath in luminosity of electric lighting. The technological transition and time period has much to do with the story as the characters do, specifically Frankenstein!

The best part about “Penny Dreadful” is that you can watch it online at Showtime.com for free ahead of its premiere date on Sunday, May 11.  The series premiere “Night Work” is available now online for free via live stream without a Showtime subscription!