There are only two episodes left of season six of "Sons of Anarchy." We are at the beginning of the end for SAMCRO, next season will likely be the last and "SOA" has been cleaning house killing off character after character. So far, this season saw the deaths of Otto, special agent Toric, Galen and now Clay. Other lives hang in the balance, Happy is still held hostage by the Chinese gun runners and Tara is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

"As the dust begins to settle, Jax's world is suddenly turned upside down," reads tonight's episode description. Last week Jax turned on his deal with the D.A by killing Clay and a number of others. Patterson was not happy with the way Jax handled the situation so she decided to contact Tara and let her know there is a deal on the table for her if she wants it. Tara now has to decide if she will hand over evidence to the D.A that would tie the Sons to a shootout and the death of a police officer.

Jax, Gemma and the rest of the Sons know that Tara tried to set Gemma up so she could take the boys and leave Jax. The last episode to air ended with Tara holding a bullet she removed from Bobby's shoulder. The bullet came from a cop's gun and if she gives it over to the authorities SAMCRO will be ruined. Whether or not Tara will turn completely on Jax remains to be seen. In the promo for "You are my sunshine" we hear D.A Patterson say, "If she tries to run with those boys, the MC will hunt her down and kill her."

In the next clip from the promo we see Jax throwing things around the nursery. This could lead you to believe that Tara up and left but there is probably something else at play in that scene. The promo ends with Happy tied up in the back of a van. The Chinese gun runners step from their cars with their guns drawn ready for a fight. Jax, holding his pistol up says, "Don't worry it ends well." Do you think it will end well for Jax, Tara and the MC? Sound off with your opinions in the comment section!

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