Since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their split, the rumor mill has been buzzing about the possibility of a Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt reconciliation. Following rumors that Aniston and Pitt secretly tied the knot in Mexico after Aniston’s birthday celebration in February, a new report is now claiming that the exes went on a honeymoon in Paris to celebrate their marriage. This story is false on so many levels.

According to the bogus report, Aniston and Pitt chose Paris as their honeymoon destination because this was where they spent one of their last holidays as a married couple in 2004. The report also claimed that a friend close to the couple confirmed the secret getaway, saying that Paris would always have a special place in their hearts. “They’ve had lots of great holidays there over the years and it really is the city of love for them — every time they travel there, they’ve felt closer than ever before,” the unidentified source reportedly said.

The anonymous source also allegedly reported that Pitt arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport on March 11 trying to remain undercover with his grey cap and sunglasses. However, people started recognizing him later on the balcony of a hotel near the Eiffel Tower.

Gossip Cop reached out to an insider close to Aniston and confirmed that the story was bogus. According to the publication, Pitt visited Paris last week, but he was never with Aniston. The publication also said there’s no indication that the actress was overseas last week, and there were no photos to prove that she was out and about in Paris.

“The magazine’s story is both illogical and based on a premise we already debunked,” Gossip Cop noted. “Additionally, separate reps for both Pitt and Aniston have assured us countless times they’re not back together,” the publication continued.

There is also no truth in reports that the exes are taking the first step toward reuniting professionally, too. There is no confirmed report yet that the A-list actors are going to have a reunion project on the big screen, so fans should take such reports with a grain of salt.

As of now, Pitt’s divorce from Jolie has yet to be finalized, so they are still legally married. Meanwhile, it is true that Aniston and Pitt still get in touch, but they are not back together in any capacity.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt US actor Brad Pitt and his wife Jennifer Aniston arrive to attend the official projection of US director Wolfgang Petersen's film 'Troy', 13 May 2004, at the 57th Cannes Film Festival in the French Riviera town. FRANCOIS GUILLOT/AFP/Getty Images