While most of the articles written about Prince Philip have to do with his being a husband to Queen Elizabeth, it is also interesting to know how the younger royals perceive him as the patriarch of the royal family. Once Prince William was asked what kind of a grandfather Prince Philip was, and he was quick to describe his grandpa as “a legend.”

The Duke of Edinburgh is widely known as a serious man who is both brusque and loyal to his royal duties. But more than that, he is also a fiercely loving man who loves teaching his children and grandchildren the values of strength, dedication, confidence and endurance.

Prince Philip may seem stern and a man of few words on the surface, but the younger royals perceive the 97-year-old patriarch of the royal family as an incredible man who is always there for his grandchildren. In the documentary “Our Queen At Ninety,” Princess Eugenie had only good things to say about her grandfather.

“I think Grandpa is incredible,” she said. “He is really strong and consistent. He’s been there for all these years, and I think he’s the rock, you know, for all of us,” she added.

Prince Philip is also one of the reasons why the younger generations of the royal family just love the outdoors. Because he loves spending time outside, he has passed on his enthusiasm for the outdoors to each of his grandchildren. No wonder Prince Harry and Prince William both love to go fishing, hiking and barbecuing during their spare time. One of his younger grandchildren, Lady Louise Windsor, also got her passion for carriage racing from Prince Philip.

It was also revealed that soon after Princess Diana’s death, both Prince William and Prince Harry were tucked away privately on one of the royal family’s sprawling estates so they could be protected from paparazzi. During this difficult time for the two young princes, Prince Philip took his grandchildren under his wing and offered them gruff tenderness.

Even during the years before Prince Philip’s retirement, the royal patriarch never failed to show his grandchildren his love for them. No wonder Prince Harry and Prince William are also very affectionate toward their grandfather. Every year, Prince Harry makes it a point to accompany Prince Philip on his engagements during Remembrance Sunday.

Prince Philip Britain's Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in his role as Captain General, Royal Marines, attends a Parade to mark the finale of the 1664 Global Challenge on the Buckingham Palace Forecourt in central London on August 2, 2017. YUI MOK/AFP/Getty Images