Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward have very different personalities. One of them has been described as boastful and big-headed.

In the book “Andrew: The Playboy Prince,” royal author Andrew Morton said that the third child of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II was described negatively by his schoolmates. Prince Andrew also went to Gordonstoun like Prince Charles.

“Outgoing Andrew may have been too cocksure when he arrived,” Morton said. “Wary fellow pupils called him ‘boastful’ and ‘big-headed’ during his first days,” he added.

One of the students at the boarding school reportedly said that Prince Andrew had a bit of the “I am the Prince” stance about him when he first arrived in school. But he soon had it knocked out of himself. At one point, the ribbings that Prince Andrew got became unmerciful, and he soon caught on.

Prince Charles, who went to Gordonstoun ahead of his brother, made a better first impression when he first arrived. The wife of a Dartmouth instructor said that Prince Charles is still remembered at the boarding school with tremendous affection. Prince Andrew, on the other hand, is not as popular with the staff and his fellow cadets.

“His brother was a great practical joker but Andrew walks away from anything like that,” the source said. “He never lets you forget who he is,” the source added.

Growing up, Prince Charles and Prince Andrew were compared with each other a lot. After all, the sibling in between them, Princess Anne, is a girl.

“Throughout his school career and beyond, inevitable and sometimes unfair comparisons have been made between Andrew and his elder brother,” Morton said. “To Andrew’s obvious chagrin, he found that whatever his achievements, be it in acting, swimming or sailing, Charles had done it first and usually done it better.”

While in school, Prince Andrew also received the nickname “Action Man Two” because he often aped his older brother’s antics. The comparisons left a strain on Prince Charles and Prince Andrew’s relationship even as they got older and had their own families.

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