Who Is Bow Wow Catfish? Nev And Max Help Keyonnah, 19, Realize Her Online Love Isn’t Famous Rapper; Plus Watch Bow Wow Reaction! [SPOILERS]

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Twitter is going nuts over a new episode of "Catfish: The TV Show" that premiered tonight. The episode featured a young single mother named Keyonnah, 19, who thought she was dating the rapper and BET's 106 & Park Host. Keyonnah has been a Bow Wow fan all her life, so when she received a message from the artist that led to a subsequent online relationship she couldn't believe her luck. But she did! The alleged Bow Wow even sent her $10,000 in cash to help with her daughter. However, things went south when Keyonnah found out -- with the help of the ever trusty show hosts Nev and Max -- that her Bow Wow was actually a 23-year-old woman!

Many fans of the show were hoping that Bow Wow would turn out to be who he said he was and started a trending hash tag on Twitter #IsItBowWow. The impersonator's name actually turned out to be Dee. She said her stage name is Dee Pimpin. Let's say it didn't take long for for some hilarious GIFs to follow. Check out some of them that MTV documented HERE for a good laugh. Turns out Dee is a lesbian and is after straight girls because said "I like a challenge." When Nev and Max pressed Dee about where she got the $10,000 to send Keyonnah, she admitted that she does not actually do music. She claims that her friends gave her the money. Sure, Dee. Twitter was suspicious. 

The real Bow Wow, on the other hand was extremely pleased about the "Catfish" episode. He posted a hilarious reaction that you can watch HERE saying that it was a great promotion for his career. He even reached out to both Keyonnah and Dee to invite them to come and meet him on his BET show. "I like it, it's free Promo for myself," he said. 

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