Meet Carlos Santamaría, the 9-year old Mexican studying chemistry in College. totojang1977 /Shutterstock,

Carlos Santamaría Díaz is the youngest student at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the nine-year-old boy is studying chemistry and is eager to take other demanding classes in one of Mexico’s top universities. "I love being at UNAM, I feel I can learn a lot here. I'd like to take classes in biology and medicine, because I do lots of stuff besides chemistry," Carlos said. Scroll down to see 10 interesting facts you need to know about him now.

1. Carlos Santamaría learned to read at the age of three and became interested in chemistry when he was five.

2. He began going to nursery school when he was a year and half.

reading book
Child reading a book. Shutterstock/ conrado

3. According to his father, Fabián Santamaría, by the age of five Carlos knew a whole high school science book and he learned the periodic table in a few weeks.

4. Carlos would fall asleep in his classes and yet get good grades in all of them.

5. At three years old he was fascinated with astronomy.

“I am studying chemistry because that’s what I like ... even though when I was three years old I liked astronomy better,” Carlos said. NikoNomad/ Shutterstock

6. He's out of the traditional school system, the student will begin fourth grade online through a program they found in Spain.

7. Carlos will continue studying biochemistry and molecular energy at UNAM between 5pm and 9pm every day.

8. The young university student also likes to play with his cousins, ride his bike and play video games.

chemistry kid
Child studying chemistry. Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/ Shutterstock.

9. Carlos knows he is studying topics that are unusual for his age.

10. He's uncertain about his future, “I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, I just know it will be something related to science," Santamaría said.

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