There’s no doubt, “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee is the song of the year. This catchy poppy-reggaeton anthem has taken Latin music to another level by reaching the number one spot at Billboard Hot 100, an impressive record for a Spanish song on the American market, only reached by “Macaranena” in 1996.

Definitely, Luis Fonsi’s swagger has given sexiness to the song, but the very creator of the hit it's a woman from Panama and everybody is talking about her. She's Erika Ender has a long song list of hits repertoire including a tittle for Puerto Rican sensation Chayanne, but as she revealed on Hoy, nothing has made her reached such a success like Fonsi's ultimate single. 

Let’s learn some more about this blonde 42 year-old woman who now inspires women everywhere as a woman who writes any type of music and doesn’t fear critics. 

1- Erika is Not Puerto Rican

The 42 year old woman it’s not from Luis Fonsi’s nationality, she’s actually from Panamá and has been working in the industry for 25 years.

2- She Wrote "Candela" by Chayanne

Although she admits she has never had quite a success single like “Despacito,” Erika also wrote massive Latin hit “Candela” sang by Chayanne and very popular in 2000.

3- Erika Has Something In Common With Ana Grabriel 

The songwriter has revealed she has been criticized for being a woman who writes for men. Even though she doesn’t pay attention to critics, she wishes more women could be part of the Latin Songwriters Hall Of Fame (LSHOF) as Ana Gabriel just signed in last year.

4- She Participated OnVenezuelan TV Show "Sábado Sensacional"

Ender was part of a dancing contest made on the popular TV show and she represented her country. After the performance, she was called to participate in different national events where she danced “La Tambolera” (Panama National Dance).

5- She Won A Latin Grammy

Thanks to “Tigres Del Norte” song “Ataud” Erika received an reward as the best composer at the XIII Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards. 

6- She Owns A Festival

As a proud Latin woman artist she has created a “National Inter- School Talent Festival”  to support young artists from Panama. The competition seeks for talent in singing, writing, dancing and filming.