Camilla Parker-Bowles is believed to be the reason why Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage ended. However, some royal fans are convinced that even if the Duchess of Cornwall wasn’t in the picture, the Prince and Princess of Wales’ union wouldn’t have survived.

“Charles was a little bit country; Diana was a little bit rock and roll,” one royal fan said. “He was ready to sit back at his country home, pottering around in his experimental garden. Diana was young and wanted to get out and party. The last thing she wanted to do was sit home with that old fuddy-duddy,” the royal fan added.

Another royal fan agreed by saying that Camilla had always been in Prince Charles’ heart. As such, even if Camilla and Prince Charles didn’t have an affair while he was married to Princess Diana, the future king’s heart would have still belonged to his ex-girlfriend.

“Camilla was in the picture a decade before Charles’ marriage to Diana, 15 years throughout that marriage and 23 post-that marriage,” the royal fan said. “For nearly 50 years, Charles’ heart has laid with Camilla. Diana was never to be anything more than a breeding mare for Charles.”

Another royal fan said that Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce was due to the fact that the late royal couldn’t handle a mature and respectful separation. Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom was also damaging Prince Charles and the royal family with her media appearances.

“The marriage was an unhappy one and Diana had an affair with James Hewitt,” the royal fan said. “Charles then rekindled his old relationship with Camilla. Charles and Diana separated and the Queen hoped that they’d stay married and Diana would still go on to be Queen even though they lived separately. However, it wasn’t meant to be,” the fan added.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced after being married for 15 years. One year after their divorce was finalized, Princess Diana died following a fatal car crash in Paris. Prince Charles and Camilla tied the knot in 2005.

Prince Charles and Camilla Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, attend the opening of a new terminal at the Owen Roberts International Airport on March 27, 2019, in George Town, Cayman Islands. Phil Noble - Pool/Getty Images