The trailer for “Charlie’s Angels” has just been released, and it features three new female lead stars. Kristen Stewart plays the role of Sabina Wilson, Naomi Scott plays Elena Hough and Ella Balinska the role of Jane Kano.

After the teaser for the upcoming movie dropped, fans of “Charlie’s Angels” and the “Twilight” star couldn’t help but celebrate the actress’ casting. The reason behind their excitement has finally been revealed.

Stewart first earned a place in Hollywood when she starred in “Twilight” alongside Robert Pattinson. The co-stars got into a relationship while they were on the set of the hit franchise. But several years after the “Twilight” buzz died down, Stewart shocked the entire world when she came out as gay.

During her interview with the Associated Press, Stewart shared details about her sexuality and how it has changed since she starred in the hit movie. She said that she felt a huge responsibility and was genuinely worried about forsaking a side.

After she came out, Stewart quickly became a celebrity icon and an advocate for the LGBTQ community. In the trailer for “Charlie’s Angels,” Sabina throws off her long blonde wig and shows off her shorter and more stylish hairstyle. The move suggests that Stewart will also play the role of a gay heroine in the film.

Several publications also praised the people behind “Charlie’s Angels” and said that Stewart instantly became a “bicon” after the trailer dropped. “Bicon” is a new term that features a combination of the words “bi” from bisexual” and an icon.

Elizabeth Banks, the director of “Charlie’s Angels,” also said that fans would get to see a side of Stewart that they have never seen before. After all, she’s a real action heroine.

“She’s super badass in the movie,” Banks said. “She did so many of her own stunts,” she added.

Meanwhile, fans of Stewart are also celebrating her casting because they have missed seeing her on the big screen. After “Twilight,” Stewart had only been seen in independent movies like “Snow White And the Huntsman,” “Clouds Of Sils Maria,” “American Ultra,” “JT LeRoy” and “Still Alice.”

Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart at Met Ball 2014 Red Carpet. Getty Images