Demi Lovato and Mike Johnson’s budding romance may be over even before it began. The “Bachelor In Paradise” star is now interested in dating Keke Palmer.

During his interview with US Weekly, Johnson seemingly revealed the real reason why they called it quits. The reality TV star said that he has said too many things in the past, but he’s still learning.

“I’m still a human being,” he said. “I’m not perfect. I’ve messed up in the past. They say geniuses learn from the mistakes of others and intelligent people learn from their own mistakes. I’m not a genius. I want to be intelligent. Therefore, I messed up and I’m going to try not to let it happen again,” he added.

Just a few days ago, Johnson appeared on iHeart Radio’s “Almost Famous” podcast. During his conversation with Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti Haibon, Johnson shared shocking details about his and Lovato’s romance.

He said that Lovato is the aggressor, and he also called the “Stone Cold” singer a good kisser. Johnson said that he finds Lovato very sexy.

And during his interview with Access Hollywood last month, Johnson revealed that he and Lovato have gone out on one date. He said that they had dinner, and they also watched “It: Chapter 2.”

The reality TV star also said that he wants to go out on a second date with Lovato. And he went as far as revealing that Lovato is the only woman that he texts before he goes to sleep.

But by the looks of it, Lovato didn’t want her budding relationship to be exposed to the entire world. Since the singer has been in the industry much longer than Johnson, she most likely wants to keep her dating life private.

Even though Johnson and Lovato’s budding relationship didn’t progress, the reality TV star said that they’re on good terms. And by the looks of it, they both have moved on from each other.

Johnson asked Palmer out on live television on the same day that he sat down for an interview about Lovato. Only time will tell if Palmer will say yes to his invitation.

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