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With Valentine's Day around the corner, many couples are gearing up to celebrate their love around the U.S. And while most of the content generated for this date focuses on couples, with recommendations for movies, restaurant specials and gifts, singles also share the spotlight.

The internet gets flooded with ideas for those flying solo, highlighting that finding a significant other and settling down doesn't necessarily have to be a life goal, and that embracing singlehood can be perfectly be desirable.

But there is also an area for singles who are in the dating game. And in that context, a report by WalletHub determined that Florida is the best state to live in when that is the case. The ranking is based on some 25 metrics and includes the share of single adults, online-dating opportunities and restaurants per capita. Texas, California, New York and Pennsylvania completed the top five.

Among the reasons that make Florida the best place for singles is the fact that it ranked among the firsts on the number of theme parks, restaurants and music festivals, providing several options for potential dates.

Its population is also actively looking to engage with other people. "People in Florida search Google for the names of the top dating websites (Tinder,, Eharmony), plus general terms like 'dating' and 'online dating,' more than residents of most other states," reads a passage of WalletHub's report.

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WalletHub also highlighted Texas as a desirable state for singles due to its wide variety of activities, especially movie theaters, restaurants and fitness centers. It also mentioned its high rate of employment growth. The reasons why California ranked third are similar, as well as its relationship openness, where people are more likely to be comfortable and intimate with their significant others.

On the other end of the spectrum, Arkansas, North Dakota and West Virginia ranked among the worst states to be single.

Representing over a quarter of the state's total population, there will be plenty of Latinos in Florida's dating scene, making up a significant reason why Florida is the best state to be single. The case is the same for Texas and California, both states in which the proportion of Latinos hovers around 40%.

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