Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx finally confirmed their relationship at this week’s Met Gala. The couple has already been dating for a couple of years, but Monday’s event was the first time that they made an official public appearance together.

Throughout their relationship, Holmes and Foxx have been spotted out on dates. Last month, they were photographed holding hands while eating gelato in Los Angeles. In March, they were also seen strolling through New York City’s Central Park. And last December, they also shared a sweet kiss while on board a yacht.

Despite their multiple public sightings, Holmes and Foxx never attended an event together. They have never confirmed the status of their relationship during interviews as well. But on Monday night, they attended the Met Gala as each other’s date.

While there, Holmes and Foxx were photographed arriving in their car together. Foxx also wrapped his arm around Holmes’ waist while they posed for photos outside the venue. At one point, the couple was also seen dancing to one of Rihanna’s songs.

A source told E! News that Holmes and Foxx are more confident in their relationship; that’s why they are also more comfortable about being out in public together.

“They have nothing to hide,” the source said. “They still don’t want to have a public relationship, but it was a lot of effort to keep things under wraps and never be able to go out together. The burden of that has been lifted and they are feeling a lot more freedom to just go out and do normal things,” the source added.

In 2012, Foxx told Oprah Winfrey that he has set a dating rule for himself and has also encouraged his friends to follow suit. The 51-year-old Oscar winner said that there is no need to let other people know who he is dating at the moment. However, the multiple public sightings seemingly outed the couple very early on in their relationship.

Prior to dating each other, Holmes and Foxx became close friends. Foxx also starred in the 2004 thriller, “Collateral,” with Holmes’ ex-husband, Tom Cruise.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Photo of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. Shahar Azran/WireImage