“Pokemon Sword And Shield” for Nintendo Switch is one of the highest rated games by critics, and it is quickly emerging as a must-buy for avid fans of the franchise. The game is set in the new world of Galar, which is loosely based on UK with its lush green landscape and a river that is similar to Thames.

The game allows the players to explore the vast landscape, and they even have a choice whether to battle or catch the Pokemon that are running wild, Cnet reported. If there is a Pokemon hiding in the tall grass, the players will be notified with an exclamation mark over it, and it is left to the player whether or not to engage with it. There is also an exciting new bike model that players can use to cross water bodies.

The story of the game is pretty straightforward. The player will start as an aspiring Pokemon trainer from a small town, who goes on a journey to become the champion of the region, The Verge reported. Players can also qualify for the Pokemon League if they collect enough gym badges.

“Pokemon Sword And Shield” will explore some of the lore of the franchise, as the players encounter some dark prophecies and ancient creatures. The players will also get a best friend, who will serve as the rival.

As the game starts, the players will have to choose from three starter Pokemons. The three options are- fire, water, and grass.

The fire Pokemon is white rabbit with red-tipped ears who goes by the name of Scorbunny. The water option is Scobble, who has the ability to camouflage himself. The grass option is a playful green monkey called Grookey.

For the fans who have been waiting for the release of “Pokemon Sword And Shield,” the wait is finally over. The game’s release date is November 15 for Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Sword and Shield
‘Pokemon Sword And Shield’ got high ratings from the critics. Pokemon/Facebook

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